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Readiness Assessment and Remediation Services

... Many title agencies struggle with best practices, particularly Pillar 3. Moving from current procedures and policies to ones that meet best practice pillars may require considerable modification of procedures, employee responsibilities, and technology. Current users of Closing Corner Software enjoy the benefit of the program handling many of the more complex IT controls for them. However, if your agency prefers to work with your existing software but would like to get on a path to certification, we offer our Readiness Assessment and Remediation services, which utilizes only our compliance module.

We can eliminate confusion, give you information that is essential for your business, and get you back on track to grow and thrive in this new era of increased regulation. Our unique combination of title industry and compliance experience coupled with our proprietary compliance software that streamlines the readiness assessment, the flow of controls, and documentation makes Closing Corner an easy choice for your compliance needs.

Our Recommended Approach

Readiness Assessment

You need to know where you stand today before you can determine where you need to go and how to get there. Using Closing Corner software, which employs ALTA’s 7 Best Practice Pillars, we will issue you a comprehensive report that identifies controls and documentation that needs to be implemented or improved.


Our assessment report gives you information needed to make the necessary improvements to your control framework, putting you in control. Our team of highly skilled professionals will ensure your understanding of best practices, remediation and the most cost effective way to get your company in compliance. In addition, we can assist in the implementation of new and/or improved controls and can offer guidance and templates related to formalized policies and procedures.


This is the ultimate goal to establish your title company as an industry leader and one which lenders will want to work with. Our team understands certification requirements and can assess whether you meet those requirements. If needed, we can help implement changes to make sure your agency obtains certification.

Save With Closing Corner

  • Cut over 70% of your assessment and documentation time.
  • Manage documents and data seamlessly and securely across your procedures.
  • If regulations change, automatically identify the impact.
  • Cut over 50% of your certification costs.

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