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Why We Are Different

  •   Quickly Document, Easily Implement

... Closing Corner is the only product in the market today offering a single, complete cloud solution that meets all of your escrow, title, IT, and certification needs. Sign up, sign in, and get started. It’s that simple. With Closing Corner’s patent-pending application security, you can make changes in minutes - employees, locations, third-parties - without worrying about maintaining complex application security settings, breaking compliance, exposing confidential data, or updating servers and software.

What’s more, Closing Corner is built for the cloud. Unlike other products, there are no tradeoffs. Our feature-rich user interface and application design ensure your employees are always productive, you are tapped into the latest technologies, and you achieve ongoing, sustainable value.

With Closing Corner, you replace outdated, cumbersome title software, complex IT maintenance and security, complex upgrades, and costly IT support with one simple solution that can cut your total costs by over 50%.

For Owners

Owners love Closing Corner’s simplicity and ability to dramatically cut their costs. Easily ramp-up or down order volume, open offices, and securely access your data from anywhere. Changing employees is a breeze with little to no disruption to your business. Worries about backups, disaster recovery, and security are eliminated with Closing Corner’s real-time monitoring, support, and cloud-based encryption and security. Built on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, owners can feel confident with Azure’s geo-redundant backups, certified cloud data centers, and thousands of technicians working daily to ensure customers are satisfied.

With a title production cost as low as $5.00 per order, CCS provides the best and most cost efficient option for title production. Our suite of products offers an option for full automation-cloud document storage, office 365, and firewall protection.

CCS is software designed with compliance in mind. Compliance is here to stay. Agencies need to meet a growing number of best practices and regulatory demands in order to stay competitive. Traditional methods of compliance add layers of costs unsustainable even for large agencies. Closing corner provides owners with a path to certification at a reduced cost sustainable over time, and a program flexible enough to evolve in response to industry changes.

For Escrow Agents and Title Officers

We spend a lot of time understanding what escrow agents and title agents need to simplify their jobs and to meet regulatory requirements. Our design team works closely with real title and escrow agents to ensure we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

In the heat of closing the details matter. CCS offers escrow agents unparalleled workflow management and simple escrow title document production. From straightforward CD and HUD data entry, to secure transmission to your underwriters and lenders, Closing Corner lets escrow agents complete tasks more quickly while meeting ALTA compliance requirements. Intuitive navigation through all functions; calendar, tasks, settlement statements. Simple reconciliation and disbursement. Secure cloud based computing that allows for automatic document back up and storage. Title agents can generate titles faster with functions that streamline title reports and allow for full cloud document storage, which is easily accessible with the click of a mouse.

In the heat of the closing the details matter. From scrollable CDs and HUDs, premium calculations, calculating graduated commissions, to creating disbursements and settlement statement document-as-you go, we pay attention to details, and you can count on Closing Corner to deliver.

For Best Practices and Certification

Closing Corner’s built-in best practices module takes the worry out of compliance while cutting your costs. With Closing Corner, you replace manual, cumbersome forms and paper-based systems with an easy-to-use electronic best practices manual. Using our one-step scheduling process, you can easily convert your best practice manual to an electronic schedule your employees can quickly access through personalized electronic calendars. Quickly print your manual in a professional format on demand and impress lenders and other third-party requesters. Easily monitor your compliance status and rely on Closing Corner’s automatic updates to ensure you stay ahead of the game and avoid surprises. With Closing Corner handling the most complex IT security controls for your company, you can rest easy knowing you have your key controls covered at all times.

For Reconcilers and Auditors

With Closing Corner’s built-in, automatic daily and monthly reconciliation process, you can now efficiently address the most difficult underwriter and state requirements and meet best practice requirements. Closing Corner is the only solution in the market that provides a built-in audit module, allowing third-party auditors to certify your agency at less than half the cost of traditional, manual audits. Closing Corner provides sustainable, ongoing cost savings that you can tap into quickly. Why wait?

Closing Corner Complete – Achieve Maximum Savings and Simplicity

Save With Closing Corner Software

  • Cut over 70% of your assessment and documentation tasks.
  • Manage documents and data seamlessly and securely across your procedures.
  • If regulations change, automatically identify the impact.
  • Cut over 50% of your certification costs.

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