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Bob Sommer,

Technology Is Key for Compliance Now and Down The Road

Cloud technology is opening up amazing opportunities for companies to innovate and compete across a number of dimensions. However, technical complexity has increased dramatically as companies seek solutions that span company boundaries while requiring assurance against security breaches and fraudulent transactions. Compounding this complexity are escalating regulations over financial reporting and consumer protection.

Over the past 15 years we’ve had a singular focus on delivering integrated software and consulting solutions to help customers drive cost savings, effectiveness, and better engagement across all the parties involved in key business processes. Since 2002 we have been ahead of the game in delivering compliance and risk management solutions for a broad range of publicly and privately held companies. The latest version expands on our vision of delivering turn-key, industry-specific compliance and assurance solutions.

Closing Corner Software is built from our proprietary software components which deliver robust security integrated across a variety of application features including document management, user interfaces, and workflows. We use these same components to build custom apps that enable our customers to deliver on their own visions – with substantially more value than traditional providers.

Whether your vision is to streamline your compliance department, move legacy applications to the cloud, or create new business models, you are bound to face numerous roadblocks. We would like to partner with you to achieve your vision using practical methods that help you bridge the technology gap and move forward confidently with your solution. Our CapitFlow solution will quickly get your compliance program established to meet the unique needs of your industry.




  • Over 20 years combined in experience in compliance, certifications, and the title industry.
  • Attestation, SSAE16, Agreed Upon Procedures - there are differences.
  • Physical and digital security over NPI demands a fresh look at security requirements and opens up opportunities to improve procedures.
  • We continue to work with Lenders to define what is required for certification.
  • Automated testing is the simplest, most cost effective way to cut your certification costs.
  • In many cases, we can meet compliance requirements while improving your processes.

Christine Riley,
General Counsel
and COO

Attention To Changes In the Regulatory Environment

Christine Riley (BA John Carroll University/ JD Cleveland Marshall College of Law) our General Counsel and COO, has a background in regulatory law, commercial law, and general corporate law.  She is the author of Worker’s Compensation and Employer Sponsored Events: The High Cost of Employee Morale, and has taught courses in real estate law, business law, and professionalism.




John Schenkelberg,
Chief Industry Officer

Industry Experience Delivers Practical Solutions

John holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance from St. Louis University. He has extensive experience in the real estate and title field. Over the past 17 years he was an owner of three title companies. He was also a partner with one of the top ten National Home Builders in the United States.

He understands the effect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has on real estate settlement providers. John provides ongoing guidance and expertise in designing practical, cost effective solutions for our customers.